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Managing a Charity

In the lead up to the  ICTR (IRISH CHARITIES TAX RESEARCH) Annual Conference in November 2014 it was noted that “ongoing polling research on public attitudes to charities reveal a genuine public concern about how modern charities operate and in particular how they use donations”. Recent scandals of all sorts have really highlighted the need to make charitable organisations well run to create public confidence, best practice provision of services to clients/beneficiaries and also to protect the management from accusations and suspicions of any kind.

Anyone involved in managing a charitable organisation is put in position of not only managing the work that that organisation carries out for its clients or beneficiaries, but of ensuring that the organisation is well governed, which includes

  • keeping comprehensive and up-to-date financial records
  • making sure that appointments and salary reviews are conducted fairly
  • identifying and minimising potential risks to service users and staff
  • encouraging and enabling service users to identify appropriate services
  • complying with various legal requirements arising from the work of the organisation such as health and safety regulations, employment law, public liability cover, motor vehicle registration, etc

It can be a lot to deal with for boards or committees that are generally voluntary and motivated by the desire to help other people rather than an urge to run a company!